Like any high-performance vehicle, the test of engineering excellence is in the ride, and on this point EdgeWater is unmatched.

Superior Talent + Tools

Learn more about hull design and performance

Learn more about how EdgeWater's intelligent design process leads to stylish boats that deliver superior performance on the water.

Unlike most other boat builders, our boats are developed through an intense collaboration using the latest CAD and 3D modeling technology.

Our engineers work to carefully coordinate, design and simulate every aspect of our boats before the final design is approved.

Marine Concepts, the world leader in precision fiberglass tooling, further refines and improves our design. This innovative tooling company constructs the patterns and molds using the latest CNC and 5 axis routing equipment, giving us the most precise molds possible.

Key suppliers also take part in the early stages of product development. Structural Composites, a company at the forefront of marine structural engineering, works with our engineers on laminate and structural design. Our composite, aluminum, steel and electrical suppliers also contribute their expertise to the process.

By including these resources in the early stages of development, we create new products faster and to a high degree of technological precision.

Hull Designs & Performance

Hull Design & Performance

Like any high-performance vehicle, the test of engineering excellence is in the ride, and on this point EdgeWater is unmatched with its Hull Design and Performance.

From our smallest tender to our biggest offshore center console, every EdgeWater rides on a uniquely innovative variable deadrise Hull Design and proprietary structural system for maximum performance and safety. Created by a team of the industry's most respected engineers, naval architects and marine designers, it reflects more than four decades of research, testing and refinement.


Variable Deadrise "Deep-V" Hull

With a sharp entry point, the deep-V Hull Design found on all EdgeWater boats has a high entry angle that delivers a sooth dry ride by displacing water away from the boat while a wide bow flair keeps it from rolling back into the boat. Our hulls also feature a higher degree of deadrise at the transom for added stability.


Large Reverse Chines

The large chines of the Hull Design on an EdgeWater deflect water down and under the hull, acting as two points on which it balances. These points provide a great deal of dynamic stability for a more solid ride while also increasing lift and reducing drag for a faster more efficient running hull.


Padded Running Surface

A clean, flattened keel area at the stern of the boat improves running at higher speeds by letting the boat sit back on the pad, providing a comfortable bow angle and not locking the boat into an undesirable, low running angle.


High Transom Angle

Through the incorporation of a higher transom angle, the engines can be tucked under the boat for getting up on plane quickly and by trimming the engines up, control the bow angle without depending solely on trim tabs


Secondary Chine

The long sweeping lines of an EdgeWater make it pleasing to the eye, but they also serve a greater purpose. The style lines provide stiffness to the sides of the hull and act as secondary water deflectors, keeping water from running up the sides.


Higher Freeboard and Wider Beam

EdgeWater's benefit from and are typified by their higher profile on the water. A deep freeboard creates a safer cockpit while the wide beam creates a roomier and drier running boat. While not every EdgeWater will venture beyond the inlet, every model is designed to do just that.