EdgeWater's Power Boats set a completely new standard for strength, power and versatility while still delivering many of the features of a small yacht. Stylishly designed to turn heads, but thoughtfully engineered for function and comfort, these Power Boats are built for individuals who are serious about having fun on the water.

Designed to deliver the roominess and ride of much larger vessels, EdgeWater's Power Boats compromise absolutely nothing in comfort, safety or style. With deep-V hulls, plenty of seating for family and friends, lots of storage for dive gear, tackle and picnic supplies and numerous standard upgrades you won't find on any other boat in their class, they provide a perfect combination of features and performance.

By carefully focusing on the needs of our customers and drawing from a network of talent and expertise, EdgeWater delivers a high level of usability, technological advancement and overall boating enjoyment. Innovative and technologically advanced, EdgeWater’s Power Boats outperform every other boat in their class.

Critical to ensuring a safe, superior ride is building a Deep V Hull that is rigid and strong enough to stand up to the punishment of long offshore runs.

We know the seas can be unpredictable and every excursion onto the water has the potential of becoming uncomfortable. For these reasons Edgewater has developed some of the most advanced Deep V Hull structural designs on the water.

Construction Techniques

Construction Techniques

Learn more about the construction techniques and proprietary technologies that make EdgeWater's some of the safest boats.

Technological Directive

While we continue to maintain small-company agility, responsiveness and customer focus, our long standing partnership with the North Technologies Group Company is a driving force in the design philosophy and product development of all EdgeWater Boats.

As a consortium of associated marine businesses, the North Technologies Group brings a level of technical expertise and engineering experience unrivaled in the marine industry. Technologies developed within the Group can be found on everything from America's Cup racing yachts to the space shuttle and have made a dramatic impact on EdgeWater's ability to introduce highly innovative and intelligently designed boats.

Single Piece Infusion®

In SPI, vinylester resin is vacuum infused into our grid structures and the Deep V Hull laminate in one step. By infusing them together, the resin in the grid cures at the exact same time as the resin in the laminate, making the entire hull bond as one. This process achieves a strength-to-weight ratio greater than on open-molded, polyester boats.


These proprietary technologies produce self-bailing, Deep V Hull boats with levels of strength, durability and flotation that are unparalleled. EdgeWater's focus on technological advancement and modern construction techniques has placed us well ahead of our competitors and continues to drive our customers satisfaction and their enjoyment of our product.

Materials And Systems

Materials and Systems

Learn more about the materials and systems used in an EdgeWater's construction that contribute to its unparalleled reliability.

Every single item that goes on the EdgeWater Center Console Fishing Boats have been meticulously selected by our engineers for uncompromising reliability and durability.

EdgeWater's Boats are constructed of 100% composite materials with absolutely no wood that could rot or delaminate. The hull is made of hand-laid, engineered fiberglass and is reinforced with Nida-Core, Airex™ or Divinycell® core. Transoms are built from high-density, reinforced Penske Xtreme® Board for superior strength and longevity. Phenolic boards are used as backing for component mounting, providing screw retention ten-times that of wood.The windshields are extra-thick 3/8 Lexan or tempered glass. Cleats are thru-bolted and backed with aluminum plates. The tubing used in railings, T-tops and hardtops is polished and over-sized for an added measure of strength.

Safety & Comfort

All hardware, rails and thru-hulls on our Center Console Fishing Boats are of the highest grade 316L stainless steel. Upholstery features high-density foam with composite backing covered in 34oz. marine grade vinyl. Decks have non-skid surfaces. Hatches are solidly constructed and smoothly finished on both sides.


Wiring systems feature Deutsch industrial connectors and heavy-gauge tin-plated copper that are labeled every six inches for easy trouble shooting. All pumps, lights, gauges, and switches are the absolute best available. Every component on EdgeWater’s Center Console Fishing Boats is selected for long life and easy maintenance.

Yamaha Outboards

EdgeWater exclusively factory rigs with Yamaha Outboards. And since EdgeWater installs a complete Yamaha system each boat automatically qualifies for Yamaha's Powermatched™ System Warranty providing you with Yamaha reliability from stem to stern.

Meet the Highest Standards

This relentless drive to obtain only superior components translates into a vessel that meets or exceeds all standards for NMMA, ABYC and CE safety certification.

Yamaha Reliability Starts Here™

Learn more about the materials and systems used in an EdgeWater's construction that contribute to its unparalleled reliability.


In-Bank-Exhaust, reverses the conventional four stroke configuration for a more compact design.


Long Tube Intake Tracks are precision-tuned to maximize air velocity, delivering added low-end and mid-range torque.


The Top-Mounted Flywheel saves space and keeps sensitive electrical components away from any water intrusion.