One of the things that makes our boats unique is that we build our luxury boats on the same production line as we build our patrol boats, fire boats and police boats for local law enforcement agencies, the U.S. Navy and military forces around the world. We take what we learn from these commercial customers and integrate it into our recreational boats, improving everything from structure to hardware. Visit our commercial site to learn more about our commercial products.

Real World R&D

Watch our video to learn how EdgeWater's semi-custom capabilities adds to our versatility and reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction. EdgeWater is constantly improving and creating new products through our commercial division. By exposing our patrol boats and commercial fleets to some of the world's most demanding applications and environments, we learn new ways to make our recreational products safer and more reliable. Our composite, aluminum, steel and electrical suppliers also contribute their expertise to the process.

Single Piece Infusion®.

In SPI, vinylester resin is vacuum infused into our grid structures and the hull laminate in one step. By infusing them together, the resin in the grid cures at the exact same time as the resin in the laminate, making the entire hull bond as one for our unsinkable boats. This process achieves a strength-to-weight ratio greater than on open-molded, polyester boats and increases our unsinkable quality. SPI is used in Edgewater Commercial & Government Products starting with our Commercial 228 CC up to our Commercial 368 CC.

Single Piece Infusion significantly enhances the performance of our variable deadrise hulls and produces the handling, efficiency, and range that puts EdgeWater in a class all its own for unsinkable boats.

These "Proprietary Technologies" produce self-bailing, unsinkable boats with levels of strength, durability and flotation that are unparalleled. EdgeWater's focus on technological advancement and modern construction techniques has placed us well ahead of our competitors and continues to drive our customers satisfaction.

Commercial Fleets

Offshore Boats - Semi-Customization

Versatility is being able to thrive in varied circumstances and EdgeWater, like all of its luxury offshore boats, is designed just for that.

Perhaps the biggest difference between EdgeWater and other boat companies is that we are a limited production, semi-custom boat builder. We build boats to customer specifications ... our goal is quality, not quantity.


EdgeWater Meets Your Needs

Semi-custom means a lot more than just custom hull colors or custom tops, EdgeWater builds luxury boats that exactly meet our customers’ needs, whether it's special options for tender usage, diving, or fishing options. Short of redesigning the deck and hull, our engineers are eager to create a boat that fulfills your specific requirements. For patrol boats, fire boats or police boats, we have a number of semi-custom options to outfit your fleet for the toughest environments.


Quality Customer Service

Our limited quantity production is a basic philosophy behind our business. EdgeWater is focused on building the highest quality products and constantly delivering personalized service well above expectations. By building to semi-custom specifications, we have created a business that provides the best product for our customers, offshore boats that they can truly enjoy.