Exploring the Knorr

The KnorrToday we’re exploring the Knorr, a research vessel in Woods Hole, Massachusetts! The vessel is currently owned by the United States Navy, and operated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The Knorr is better known as the ship that discovered the RMS Titanic wreck in September 1985!

Since its launch in 1968 the Knorr has traveled more than one million miles! Wow! She was named after Ernest R. Knorr, a hydrographic engineer. Knorr was appointed Chief Engineer of the United States Hydrographic Office in 1860, and served for fifteen years. She embarked on her maiden voyage from Bay City, Michigan.

The ship was equipped with anti-roll tanks and other upgrades so that she could survey and research in all 5 of the world’s oceans, despite the conditions. Her upgrades allow her to remain at sea for a grand total of 60 days. The current whereabouts and research missions of the Knorr can be tracked using the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution website: http://www.whoi.edu.

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