Key West Boating

Key West BoatingIn our new series we will be exploring the best boating areas in the Florida Keys. A visit to the Florida Keys is always  adventurous whether you are there for sightseeing, fishing, or snorkeling and diving.

Islamorada is known worldwide as the “Sport Fishing Capital of the World.”  It’s an underwater nirvana for several species of fish including the French grunt, regal queen angelfish, moray eel and the nurse shark. There are three areas we recommend visiting while out on the water in Islamorada: The Eagle, Alligator Reef, and Conch Wall. Don’t leave your snorkeling and diving gear at home!

  1. The Eagle was a 287-foot ship that was intended to be sunk as an artificial reef in the Florida Keys but had broken away from its mooring and sunk the night before. It’s a great dive site for observing grouper, snapper, and cobia living among sponges, black coral and branching fire coral.

  2. Just a few miles away from the Eagle is Alligator Reef! The reef contains the remains of the USS Alligator that grounded in 1822 after protecting another from area pirates. The spot is now marked by a 136-foot tall lighthouse. It’s a simple reef to dive or snorkel since it lies in only 25 feet of water!

  3. Our final destination in Islamorada is Conch Wall! It’s a great area for beginner snorkelers since the area is relatively shallow, and there is plenty to see! There are thousands of conch shells filling the area, as well as pillar corals, basket sponges and more!

If you have visited Islamorada before, what is your favorite destination? Tell us about it on our EdgeWater Boats Facebook page!