Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire Lighthouses

Lake Sunapee LighthouseThere were three lighthouses built on Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire by the Woodsum Brothers in 1890! We’ll be taking a historic tour of all three this week in our blog!

If you have visited either the Loon Island Lighthouse, Burkehaven Lighthouse, or Herrick’s Cove Lighthouse, share your experience and pictures with us on Facebook!

Construction on the Loon Island Lighthouse began in 1891 after the Edmund Burke steamer wrecked on an underwater ledge. The Woodsum brothers completed construction on the tower in 1893 for only $400! The lighthouse was damaged by two fires, one in 1896 that occurred while the fire department was performing routine maintenance and again when it was struck by lightning in 1960.

Built in response to the vacationing needs of residents in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, the Burkehaven Lighthouse was completed by the Woodsum brothers in 1898. The Burkehaven Lighthouse was easily identifiable by its white, hexagonal shape. It began to deteriorate during the Great Depression since no one was there to care for it, and was later crushed and destroyed by ice in 1935.

The Herrick Cove Lighthouse was built in response to residents complaining about the safety of steamboat travel to and from the area. The lighthouse finally opened in 1893. During 1965 the lighthouse was refurbished by the Lake Sunapee Protection Association, and had to be repaired in 1983 due to damage caused by ice.