The Aveiro Lighthouse

Aveiro LighthouseIt’s time to hop on the boat and join us for a tour of the Aveiro Lighthouse in Aveiro Portugal! Portuguese lighthouses were an influential force during the Age of Discovery, and guided hundreds of Portuguese explorers into and out of harbors.

The Aveiro Lighthouse is considered to be a traditional lighthouse, and is distinguished as the 19th tallest in the world, and the tallest in Portugal! It was not completed until 1893, after 8-years of construction and was originally gas powered. If you’re speaking with a local, you’ll probably hear the lighthouse referred to as the Barra Lighthouse. It’s location on the Atlantic side of the Portugal coast required the construction of a fog signal. Unfortunately the fog signal washed away during a treacherous storm in 1935. In order to prevent future loss and damage to the lighthouse, Portuguese officials constructed a seawall around the lighthouse. At a total height of 66 meters, including the keepers’ quarters, the lighthouse can guide mariners into the harbor from a distance of up to 48 KM.

Its 3rd order Fresnel lens was not installed at the lighthouse until 1973, and later automated in 1990. In 1958, lighthouse officials had an elevator installed, an unusual feature for a lighthouse. Before the installation of the elevator, individuals had to climb 291 steps, but they can now use the elevator to ascend to the midpoint of the lighthouse.

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