Florida Lobster Season

Florida LobsterFlorida LobsterThe beginning of the Florida lobster season is just around the corner! The mini season lasts for a duration of two days beginning July 24th at 12:01 am, and ends July 25th at midnight. If you miss this year's mini season, don't worry, the regular season begins August 6th and will continue until March 31st!

Do you know how to catch a Florida lobster? There are several techniques use to catch these lobsters, but in order to be successful; you must understand their natural instincts. A Florida lobster will naturally move in a slow forward motion unless they are scared. If they’re scared, they’ll quickly jet backwards after thrusting their tail up and down.

You’re likely to find a Florida lobster under a rock, or crouched within a hole and will want to use a tickle stick to get it out. First, slide the tickle stick behind the lobster and gently tap on its tail. If the lobster does not immediately move in a forward direction, tap a little harder. When you have successfully lured it out of its hole, place your net behind its body. This is ideal because if you’re unsuccessful in trapping it between the net and ocean bottom, you will want to tap on its head with the tickle stick, and its natural instincts will kick in. Tapping on its head will scare the lobster, and it will quickly move backwards into the net.

After you have successfully trapped a lobster, don’t forget to properly measure before taking it out of the water! Don’t leave shore without a lobster gauge!

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