Caribbean Getaway

Caribbean GetawayIf you’re still not sure where you are vacationing yet this summer, how about a tropical getaway to the Caribbean Islands? The Caribbean is filled with non-stop fun, relaxation and island thrills. A few of our favorite islands are Aruba, the Bahamas, and Jamaica!

1) Aruba

Aruba is a beautiful Dutch island with a dry and arid climate year round. If you’re not planning on traveling by boat, there are plenty of direct flights to the island. While you’re visiting the island we recommend making a stop at Eagle Beach, where you’ll find sandy white beaches and turquoise waters. A popular torpedoed tanker dive site, Pedernales, is located just off the coast. If you’re an avid diver, it’s definitely worth checking out! Or if you’re looking to stay on shore, visit the Oranjestad, a popular shopping destination within the island. There are several boutiques, and upscale chains, street vendors and several excellent restaurants and clubs.

2) Bahamas

The Bahamas is a Caribbean getaway you can take several times, and never have the same trip twice! If you have never traveled to the Bahamas, we recommend making Nassau, the capitol of the Bahamas first on your to-do list. The island has miles of beautiful beaches and several lively coral reefs just off its coast. If you tire of the water, there is still plenty to do on shore including sightseeing, shopping, and dining. Check out Bay Street to fully experience the Bahamian culture!

3) Jamaica

Adventure awaits you in Jamaica, with out of this world hiking paths, bird watching, and snorkeling. Montego Bay is our favorite vacation spot in Jamaica. It’s a diverse area with a huge nightlife, excellent shopping, snorkeling and diving and more! Widowmaker’s cave is a great dive spot for experienced divers, or if you would rather stay above the water’s surface,  float down the Martha Brae River on bamboo raft with your drink of choice.