The Blue Marlin

Blue MarlinThe Atlantic blue marlin is beautiful species of fish belonging to the billfish family. It’s native to many of the world’s oceans including the Atlantic, and is commonly found in the Gulf Stream several miles offshore. The Atlantic blue marlin is also referred to as the Cuban black marlin, ocean gar, and ocean guard.

If you have read the popular novella, The Old Man and the Sea by Earnest Hemingway, the blue marlin is the species of fish battled by Santiago for three days.

It has very few predators, and mainly feeds on other species of fish living near the water’s surface, using its bill to either stun or kill its prey. The only true predators to the marlin, apart from humans, are the great white and mako species of shark. The majestic Atlantic blue marlin is considered threatened, due to its popularity as a prized big game fish.

According to Marlin Magazine, the best areas to fish for Atlantic blue marlin are in the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, off the coast of Venezuela, and the Canary and Cape Verde Islands. If you’re traveling to the Florida Keys for a quick fishing trip, it is recommended to fish for blue marlin during the summer months. A catch is not always a guarantee, but well worth the excitement and challenge when successful! The marlin in the Florida Keys will range anywhere from 150 to 600 pounds.  If you do hookup on a blue marlin, please release that magnificent creature back into the water!

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