More Green Boating Tips!

EdgeWater Power BoatMore Green TipsAre you ready for part two of our Green Boating series? This week we’ll be discussing fueling and oil changes, waste discharge and steps to take to avoid spreading invasive marine species.

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1) Spill Proof

Oil changes and fueling are a necessity to boating, but there are right and wrong procedures for both.

If you change your own boat oil, always use a closed system such as a portable oil-change pump. You should be able to purchase the proper equipment at your local marine supply store. Remember to recycle oil and oil filters after you’re done changing the oil.

When fueling your boat, do so slowly to prevent spillage. Never over-fill or top off your boats fuel tank.

2) Plan Ahead!

The easiest way to becoming a greener boater is to plan ahead, particularly when it comes to sewage wastes. When ridding waste, never discharge into marinas, swimming or wading areas, sanctuaries, lakes, as well as other bodies of water. Before leaving the dock, know where your designated waste or dump stations are. 

3) Help stop the spreading of invasive species!

There are several types of species living in a body of water, some of these species are invasive and can cause harm to other watery ecosystems. Before you leave a body of water, ensure that there are no visible plants, animals or sediments attached to your boat or equipment.

Also, never release plants and animals into new bodies of water or into nearby storm drains.

When your boat is at home, thoroughly clean it and all equipment, as well as any dogs that came on the boat with you.