Simple Tips for Greener Boating

EdgeWater Power BoatAre you considered a green boater? Greener boating simply means taking more responsibility for our actions and how they affect our environment when boating. There are several measures we can take to protect our environment including the products we use to clean our boats to where we boat.

Over the next few months we will be blogging about the best green boating practices! If you’re already practicing green boating, share your tips with us on our EdgeWater Boats Facebook!

1) Store Your Trash

Before you leave shore, designate a container where all trash will be thrown away into. It’s important to never throw fishing line, cigarettes or other garbage into our oceans, rivers and waterways. You may also want to consider additional containers for recyclables such as plastics, aluminum and glass. Several of these items can be placed into recycling centers available at marinas or other on-shore facilities.

2) Know Your Waterways

Studying waterways prior to heading out on your EdgeWater Boat will prevent its propellers from damaging natural water habitats or injuring vulnerable marine life. This will also help conserve your fuel supply since you will be more knowledgeable about your course and likely avoid getting lost.

3) Clean Green

When it comes to cleaning your boat, purchase products labeled, EPA-Certified “Design for the Environment (DfE).” Products labeled DfE have minimal environmental effects, and are also safer for you and your family to be around. A great resource for “Green” products is the Green Seal, www.greenseal.org.