Learning to Waterski

WaterskiingIf you’re looking for a new activity to try this summer while out on your EdgeWater Boat, pick up a pair of water skis,  ski rope and a life jacket for a fun filled day of water skiing!

After you have purchased the proper equipment, rehearsed safety signals and studied proper form, it’s time to head out on the water!

If you are new to water skiing, you’ll want to begin by performing a deep-water start.

When you are in the water, secure the skis to your feet and double check that they are fastened properly. Then take the rope handle into your hands and place it between your knees which should be bent towards your chest.

Ensure that the water skis are properly secured to your feet, then take the rope handle into your hands and place it between your knees which should be bent towards your chest.

Next, point your water skis in the direction of the boat, they should be about one shoulder length apart. Leave six to twelve inches of the water skis extended out of the water.

You’re now ready for the captain to drive the boat in a forward motion, as this happens, remember to keep your knees together and the skis parallel. 

Hold your arms straight out but slightly bent at the elbow and keep your chin tucked down, into your chest. You will want to press slightly forward with both feet.

Remain in a seated position until the boat pulls you on top of the water. It’s time to stand up when your skis become horizontal to the water. Once standing, always keep your knees slightly bent.

If you fall down the first few times, don’t give up, it takes practice!

A few things to keep in mind when learning to water ski:

  • Attempting to stand too quickly will throw you off balance and cause you to fall either forwards or backwards.
  • Never pull the rope towards your body, always keep arms straight.
  • Always keep your chin tucked down, you may be splashed in the face with water but will be able to maintain proper vision.
  • Do not look down at the skis and keep your back erect
  • It’s easier to stay balanced inside of the wake
  • Drop the rope when you fall

If you’re a seasoned water skier, what advice do you have for our beginner EdgeWater fans? Share your advice with us on our EdgeWater Boats Facebook or Twitter page!