The "Golden Rules" of Boating

EdgeWater Power Boat“Golden Rules” are designed to enforce reciprocal relationships between human beings. How does this apply to life on the high seas? Boating requires constant interaction with other boaters, similar to how the driver of a car constantly interacts with other drivers, cars and/or pedestrians.

The goal of EdgeWater Boats is to build fun and enjoyment on the water every day. Today’s blog post, The “Golden Rules” of Boating, will help do just that. You may already be familiar with a few of these principles, but it is always an excellent idea to review proper boating etiquette! After all, how many times did your mother have to remind you to say “excuse me” when leaving the table before you finally implemented it into your life?

On the Water:

We all love spending time on the water with friends and family. However this recreation can sometimes be a nuisance to other boaters who are seeking serenity. If you are boating with small children, loud music and/or barking dogs, remember to keep plenty of space between your boat and others.

Another annoyance we may not think of is the smoke produced by on-board grills. If planning on anchoring for a delicious grilling experience, maintain proper distance from other anchored boats so that the smoke does not affect their boating excursion.

Most importantly, never toss trash or unwanted items into the water. Designate an on-board trash container that can be disposed of properly when back on land.

If trash is in the water, pick it up and place it in to the newly designated trash container. It’s everyone’s job to keep the oceans, lakes and waterways beautiful so that we can continue to enjoy boating.

Manners at the Marina:

Fueling is a necessity of boating. Once a boat is fueled, pay immediately and move out of the way. If you plan to purchase items from inside a marina grocery store or restaurant, relocate to a temporary dock. Always be considerate, even though fueling is necessary, we’re all itching to get back on the water as soon as possible!

Launching and Retrieving:

When on the boat ramp to either a launch or retrieve your boat, do so quickly. Always spend time loading a boat in the parking lot. Allocate tasks to passengers. This ensures an efficient boating launch and retrieval. When it’s time to load or unload passengers, use a temporary docking station.

‘Always lend a helping hand’:

Simply put, if you recognize that another boater needs help tying off a line or is in distress on the water, help them out. After all, “one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.”

What do you think are the most important “golden rules” of boating? Let us know! We’ll be sure to address them in part 2 of our series