Versatility for You

EdgeWater Crossover model

People who love the water don’t just fish or dive or cruise or ski, they do all of it and need a power boat that can handle all of the things they want to do.

That’s why EdgeWater Power Boats created its crossover line of boats that provide everything you need no matter what you decide to do on your weekend. We offer many custom features to give you the ability to outfit one of our crossover power boat models to fit your needs.

EdgeWater Crossover model

The 188CX is a great fish and ski boat, and can handle play in the inshore waters as well as an excursion into the big water for the big fish. It has room for seven passengers and a large gas tank to get you there and back with ease.

To add in some comfort for cruising, our 205CX has an open bow for passengers to bask in the sun. It also has the power to pull skis and plenty of storage space for skis or fishing gear. It has a portside head compartment and bow landing ladder among its many features that will surprise you in a boat this size.

EdgeWater Crossover model

Perfect for island hopping holidays, the 245CX has all you need for an offshore boat. It will do everything you want it to do for diving, fishing and skiing, yet has the durability to keep you and your crew safe in rough water.

Our crossover models are just part of EdgeWater Power Boats commitment to providing our customers with the diversity of choices they can’t get anywhere else. Check out all our models on our website or visit one of our dealers today!