Maintaining a Power Boat Electrical System

Maintaining Electrical PowerNothing takes a beating from the water like a power boat’s electrical system, especially if you mostly keep your boat in saltwater.

The corrosion will attack no matter how hard you work at cleaning your EdgeWater Power Boat. While you don’t have to earn an electrician’s license to maintain your system, there are some things you can do.

From, here’s a check list of things to do:

  • Make sure the wiring is approved for use on a boat. You can trust the wiring that comes with your EdgeWater boat will be approved, but if you have to replace any wiring, this step is crucial.
  • Keep electrical wiring bundled and secured. If any wiring has come loose, you can use something as simple as a plastic-coated twist-tie to bundle it back up.
  • Don’t let the wiring chafe against a sharp object or get in a strain.
  • Keep an adequate flex between the bulkhead and engine connections.
  • Don’t let wires get near the exhaust system or bilge.
  • Make sure the system is protected by circuit breakers or fuses.
  • Ground the wiring to Zincs if required.
  • Make sure the wiring terminals and connections remain sealed.

Also, here are some tips for batteries:

  • Keep battery or batteries stored in non-corrosive, liquid-tight, ventilated containers.
  • Make sure non-conductive (usually plastic) covers are fitted over posts.
  • Keep batteries well secured so they don’t slide around or tip over.
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