Using a Heater on Your Family Boat

Heater on Family BoatYou know you’ve got some little repair jobs or clean ups to do this winter, but it’s just too cold to work on your family boat, either at the dock or in the yard. What can you do?

You’ve probably immediately thought of those little space heaters you see people using to keep their feet warm, or to heat the whole house off a generator when the power goes out. Using a space heater on your family boat is fine as long as you keep these tips in mind.

If you are at the dock, remember:

-- Boats rock on the waves and can knock a space heater over. Make sure you have it on a level spot and can anchor it. Even better, make sure it has a switch that cuts it off automatically if it tips over.

-- The rocking motion and possible inadequate wiring can create a potential fire hazard.

-- Check your electrical plug for damage. Do not use it if it is black. Check the wiring from the dock to your boat to make sure it is free of cracks and black marks from excessive heat.

At the dock or at home, remember:

-- Don’t leave the heater on when you’re not there with it.

-- Do not use another appliance on the same line. Heaters use a lot of current and could damage your electrical system if the wiring overheats.

-- Do not use an extension cord.

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and realize those little repairs and clean-ups have become too big to do anything about. So if you need a new family boat, remember EdgeWater Power Boats’ dealers can fix you up with one of its premium boats for cruising, diving, fishing and skiing.