Angling Records for Your Fishing Boat

Fish Out Of WaterHave you ever brought a whopper into your fishing boat and wondered whether it was record of some type?

There is a large number of world record fish caught every year, according to the International Game Fish Association, the official holder of the records. If you want to put a big notch in your fishing boat, getting a whole record for all tackle or one of the line weights, the IGFA is ready to hear about it.

The latest world record certified by the association is a saltwater striped bass weighing 81 lbs., 14 oz. Greg Meyerson caught the hog in Connecticut, fighting it for 20 minutes to bring it in. “I couldn’t budge him at first,” Myerson said to Field and Stream magazine. “Then he took off on a real good run and I had to tighten the drag because he was burning line fast.”

Meyerson caught the fish in August, but it took until the end of November for the association to rule on the record.

The association approving the record ended the Albert McReynods’ 29-year record for All Tackle at 70 lbs. Meyerson also qualified for the men’s 80-lb. line class record. Just think about being able to brag for 30 years that you landed a world record fish in your fishing boat.

To learn more about the association’s record classification program, go online to

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