U.S. Navy & U.S. Park Service Take Delivery of New Commercial EdgeWater Models

U.S. Navy Edgewater Powerboat 245CCA United States Navy commercial 247cc is tested & certified for lifting specification before being delivered to a Navy facility in Norfolk, Virginia and U.S. Park Service 245cc patrol boat stands ready for the trip to its eventual home in the Biscayne National Park in South Florida.  These are the latest military & law enforcement boats to come off the commercial production line at EdgeWater Power Boats. 

U.S. Navy Edgewater Powerboat 245CC

Roger Taylor heads-up the commercial division spearheading the Federal effort while we are please to welcome back to EdgeWater John Hotz, who oversees state, county, and municipal agencies.  For information on commercial EdgeWater products please call 386-426-5457 x14.