It’s time, once again, to make your plans for the best party of the summer!  We encourage everyone to sign up early, especially if you are planning to reserve condos at the resort.  We have limited condos available at the discount rate and as this is the beginning of the lobster season, the resort will sell out quickly.

Below is your link to download your registration forms – and check back ofter for updated information.



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Happy 4th of July! The United States of America is 236 years old today! Many Americans are celebrating today with their friends and family by hosting and attending barbecues, watching fireworks displays and spending time on their boats.

If you’re planning to spend the day on the boat, and take in a fireworks show later the evening, use our blog to find some of the best destinations in America, and in your area!


Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is having a 4th of July celebratio ...

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It’s time to hop on the boat and join us for a tour of the Aveiro Lighthouse in Aveiro Portugal! Portuguese lighthouses were an influential force during the Age of Discovery, and guided hundreds of Portuguese explorers into and out of harbors.

The Aveiro Lighthouse is considered to be a traditional lighthouse, and is distinguished as the 19th tallest in the world, and the tallest in Portugal! It was not completed until 1893, after 8-years of construction and was originally gas powered. If you’re ...

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The beginning of the Florida lobster season is just around the corner! The mini season lasts for a duration of two days beginning July 24th at 12:01 am, and ends July 25th at midnight. If you miss this year's mini season, don't worry, the regular season begins August 6th and will continue until March 31st!

Do you know how to catch a Florida lobster? There are several techniques use to catch these lobsters, but in order to be successful; you must understand their natural instincts. A Florida lobster ...

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