It’s time to hop on the boat and join us for a tour of the Aveiro Lighthouse in Aveiro Portugal! Portuguese lighthouses were an influential force during the Age of Discovery, and guided hundreds of Portuguese explorers into and out of harbors.

The Aveiro Lighthouse is considered to be a traditional lighthouse, and is distinguished as the 19th tallest in the world, and the tallest in Portugal! It was not completed until 1893, after 8-years of construction and was originally gas powered. If you’re ...

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The beginning of the Florida lobster season is just around the corner! The mini season lasts for a duration of two days beginning July 24th at 12:01 am, and ends July 25th at midnight. If you miss this year's mini season, don't worry, the regular season begins August 6th and will continue until March 31st!

Do you know how to catch a Florida lobster? There are several techniques use to catch these lobsters, but in order to be successful; you must understand their natural instincts. A Florida lobster ...

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Caribbean Getaway


If you’re still not sure where you are vacationing yet this summer, how about a tropical getaway to the Caribbean Islands? The Caribbean is filled with non-stop fun, relaxation and island thrills. A few of our favorite islands are Aruba, the Bahamas, and Jamaica!

1) Aruba

Aruba is a beautiful Dutch island with a dry and arid climate year round. If you’re not planning on traveling by boat, there are plenty of direct flights to the island. While you’re visiting the island we recommend ma ...

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We’re dining at Grills Seafood Deck and Tiki Bar this week in our Dockside Dining Series! They have two locations on the East Coast of Florida in Brevard County: Grills at the Port in Cape Canaveral and Melbourne Riverside.

If you’re traveling by boat, no worries! They have plenty of docking slips at both locations. All you need to bring is your appetite! Or if you left your EdgeWater at home, and are itching to get out on the water, there are several boating charters available in the area.

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