Are you ready for part two of our Green Boating series? This week we’ll be discussing fueling and oil changes, waste discharge and steps to take to avoid spreading invasive marine species.

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1) Spill Proof

Oil changes and fueling are a necessity to boating, but there are right and wrong procedures for both.

If you change your own b ...

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A few weeks ago we spent time on the East Coast of the United States, dining at Jim’s Dockside in Jersalueum, Rhode Island. This week we’re heading to the West Coast to dine at butterfly in San Francisco, California for cal-Asian cuisine!

butterfly is a San Francisco gem with dockside dining, live entertainment and dishes made with all organic ingredients! And you can dine for brunch, lunch or dinner!

The restaurant used to be located on Mission Street but moved to Pier 33 in the fall of ...

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Are you looking to spice things up this summer? Invite your friends and family over for a Louisiana Crawfish Boil! After you’re done eating, head out on your EdgeWater Boat and watch the sunset!

Crawfish Boils typically occur throughout April, May, and June when crawfish are in season. They are closely associated with the Cajun community in Louisiana who use Crawfish Boils as a time of celebration. The crawfish looks like a tiny lobster, and is found in bodies of freshwater. Did you know that th ...

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We’re traveling just up the coast of Florida in our EdgeWater Boat to visit the Amelia Island Lighthouse! The lighthouse was constructed in 1838, making it the oldest existing lighthouse in the state of Florida. Its current light flashes every 10 seconds to guide ships in through the St. Mary’s Entrance, the inlet leading to the St. Mary’s River.

The Amelia Island Lighthouse was built from recycled materials from the Cumberland Island lighthouse in Georgia, built in 1820. The Cumberland Island ...

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