Are you considered a green boater? Greener boating simply means taking more responsibility for our actions and how they affect our environment when boating. There are several measures we can take to protect our environment including the products we use to clean our boats to where we boat.

Over the next few months we will be blogging about the best green boating practices! If you’re already practicing green boating, share your tips with us on our EdgeWater Boats Facebook!

1) Store Your Tras ...

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The weather is starting to warm up and spring time is just around the corner. Join us as we travel up the east coast of the United States to dine at Jim’s Dock Restaurant in Jerusalem, Rhode Island!

Jim’s Dock Restaurant is considered by many to be one of the best waterfront, casual dining locations available in Rhode Island. Locals rave about the clam cakes, clam chowder, lobster bisque and lobster rolls! The restaurant serves generous portions of seafood with each of their dishes. You’ll als ...

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It’s important to always practice proper sun safety procedures when spending a fun day in the sun on our EdgeWater Boats! Even when we think we are safe from the suns UV rays, they are always lurking! Did you know that UV rays can reflect off of surfaces such as water and sand? Learn more about UV rays and how to stay protected from them in today’s blog!

UV ray is short for ultraviolet radiation and is just as hazardous on cloudy days as it is when the sun is shining.  In North America, the sun ...

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If you’re looking for a new activity to try this summer while out on your EdgeWater Boat, pick up a pair of water skis,  ski rope and a life jacket for a fun filled day of water skiing!

After you have purchased the proper equipment, rehearsed safety signals and studied proper form, it’s time to head out on the water!

If you are new to water skiing, you’ll want to begin by performing a deep-water start.

When you are in the water, secure the skis to your feet and double check th ...

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