People who love the water don’t just fish or dive or cruise or ski, they do all of it and need a power boat that can handle all of the things they want to do.

That’s why EdgeWater Power Boats created its crossover line of boats that provide everything you need no matter what you decide to do on your weekend. We offer many custom features to give you the ability to outfit one of our crossover power boat models to fit your needs.

The 188CX is a great fish and ski boat, ...

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In 2011, one of our great accomplishments at EdgeWater Power Boats was the unveiling of our new bay boats, giving anglers and families a more diverse selection of great shallow water boats to get to their favorite “honey holes.” Florida Sportsman was so impressed, the magazine featured our 240IS model, which we introduced in the fall after introducing the 220IS in the spring. We now have all four of our inshore models – 190IS, 210IS, 220IS and 240IS on the market and expect great things f ...

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Nothing takes a beating from the water like a power boat’s electrical system, especially if you mostly keep your boat in saltwater.The corrosion will attack no matter how hard you work at cleaning your EdgeWater Power Boat. While you don’t have to earn an electrician’s license to maintain your system, there are some things you can do.

From, here’s a check list of things to do:

Make sure the wiring is approved for use on a boat. You can trust the wiring that comes with ...
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You know you’ve got some little repair jobs or clean ups to do this winter, but it’s just too cold to work on your family boat, either at the dock or in the yard. What can you do?

You’ve probably immediately thought of those little space heaters you see people using to keep their feet warm, or to heat the whole house off a generator when the power goes out. Using a space heater on your family boat is fine as long as you keep these tips in mind.

If you are at the dock, remember:

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