Nothing takes a beating from the water like a power boat’s electrical system, especially if you mostly keep your boat in saltwater.The corrosion will attack no matter how hard you work at cleaning your EdgeWater Power Boat. While you don’t have to earn an electrician’s license to maintain your system, there are some things you can do.

From, here’s a check list of things to do:

Make sure the wiring is approved for use on a boat. You can trust the wiring that comes with ...
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You know you’ve got some little repair jobs or clean ups to do this winter, but it’s just too cold to work on your family boat, either at the dock or in the yard. What can you do?

You’ve probably immediately thought of those little space heaters you see people using to keep their feet warm, or to heat the whole house off a generator when the power goes out. Using a space heater on your family boat is fine as long as you keep these tips in mind.

If you are at the dock, remember:

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Have you ever brought a whopper into your fishing boat and wondered whether it was record of some type?

There is a large number of world record fish caught every year, according to the International Game Fish Association, the official holder of the records. If you want to put a big notch in your fishing boat, getting a whole record for all tackle or one of the line weights, the IGFA is ready to hear about it.

The latest world record certified by the association is a saltwater striped bass we ...

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It’s the Holy Grail for boaters, whether they are anglers, cruisers, divers, skiers or wake boarders – the perfect power boat.

Whether it is a boat with lots of gadgets and features for fishermen, lots of comfortable seating for the family and easy access so the kids can go tubing, the room for dive equipment or the power to pull a skier or wake boarder, when a boater sees that perfect vessel he will definitely know.

Finding that perfect boat is the challenge, but EdgeWater Power Boats h ...

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