The storage and winterizing of E10 ethanol blended fuel is the same for non-blended fuel. Add fuel stabilizer amount sufficient to treat full fuel tank. Adding fuel stabilizer eliminates the need to drain the fuel system or run the engine out of fuel. Fill the fuel tank(s) to 95% full to allow for fuel expansion and contraction. Finally, seal/close the tank vent if possible after winterizing the engine.


Remove the engine ...

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PETER: It was good to speak to you. As you know we just finished the purchase of our new Edgewater 205cc. we just had to call and tell you how pleased we are with our new boat. It took the chop in the bay with out a drop of water on us and both I and my wife were very impressed. Our smiles were tough to keep off our faces. The touches on the boat are just amazing and each time we go out we find something new to admire about the workmanship. My brother commentated that the boat has no rough edges and he like ...

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