One of the many things that make our boats unique is that we build our Offshore Boats on the same production line as we build our boats for local law enforcement agencies, the U.S. Navy and military forces around the world. We take what we learn from these customers and integrate it into our recreational boats, improving everything from structure to hardware.

Real World R&D

Learn more about EdgeWater's intelligent design

Learn more about how EdgeWater's semi-custom capabilities adds to our versatility and reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction. EdgeWater is constantly improving and creating new products through our commercial division. By exposing our boats to some of the world's most demanding applications and environments, we learn new ways to make our recreational products safer and more reliable. Our composite, aluminum, steel and electrical suppliers also contribute their expertise to the process.


On The Edge

Versatility - Semi-Customization

From our smallest tender to our biggest offshore center console, every EdgeWater is intelligently designed for a wide variety of conditions and uses.


Uniquely Innovative Variable Deadrise Hulls

A sharp entry from the deep-V profile punches through even the toughest head sea with ease for our Center Console Boats. The slightly wider beam and higher freeboard give added stability and safety in a beam or following sea. A broad bow and deep reverse chines throw spray down and away from the boat keeping passengers dry and comfortable.


Largest in Class

Boat for boat, EdgeWater’s Center Console Boats are longer and wider than our competitors and feature more seating and functional deck space. Our boats are used by serious sportsmen, active families and commercial clients who demand practical features and a boat that is versatile enough to fit their needs.


Semi-Custom Specifications

Whatever your need, EdgeWater Center Console Boats can be customized to meet it. From custom leaning posts to special hardware to a hull-side dive door, our engineers can work with you to build the boat you desire. Short of redesigning the hull and deck, EdgeWater offers you the freedom to build Center Console Boats that perfectly suit your applications.