Spring is in the air

Getting ready for the spring is always an exciting time for boaters around the globe. Whether you winterize your boat or not, this can be a helpful guide when preparing to head out on the water for the first time in months. If you winterized your boat, you have saved yourself time and money over the long run, which means the time it takes to hit the water is shorter! It’s always suggested to winterize your boat before it sits idle, if you weren’t able to, don’t worry. You can perform any of these maintenance tips for the spring time fun! Read more to find out.

1. Have a copy of your EdgeWater Power Boats Owner’s manual.
If you don’t have it handy, it’s a good idea to get one. You will need to replace fluids and parts properly. Never take anything apart without consulting the owner’s manual first. Also if you are uncomfortable performing any of the maintenance yourself, please contact your local dealer and they will be happy to service your boat. If you are unsure who your dealer is, use our dealer locator to find one nearest you.

2. De-winterizing your engine
The engine helps you get where you are going, and it will probably consume the most of your time away from the water. First and foremost, if you did not change the oil at the end of the last season, do so now. After running the boat all summer, and then letting it sit for a length of time, you should change the oil to prevent corrosion and wear. At the same time you change the oil, go ahead and change the oil filter and the outboards lower unit oil.

To follow, check the batteries to ensure they are holding a charge. If not, replace the batteries for a carefree first day back on the water. After replacement, perform an engine test.

3. Next is your inspection of the boat.
Check your tops, seats, covers for any damage. Then take the time now to clean all of the parts, so your boat is ready for its first day of the season on the water. With the all clear after your inspection comes the fun part, cleaning and waxing. You will want your boat looking its best, so be sure to apply a marine safe cleaner and wax to keep your hull looking as good as new.

4. Finally you will want to test all of your electronics.
Do a thorough test once they are back on board. After you’ve tested the systems, it’s time to get back out on the water.

One last thing… don’t forget the plug! Be safe and enjoy your time on the water!